With technology growing at such a rapid pace lately there are tons of artists who are using that to their advantage and expanding the boundaries of what can be done with music. The idea of “diy” is looking to become something that’s gaining plenty of notoriety in the underground and even if you’re one of those people who don’t agree with it, you can’t deny that it’s steadily growing strong. As far as I’m concerned, age isn’t a huge factor in regards to music or ability and 17 year old British Columbia resident Brennan Henderson doesn’t seem to think so either. Although he hasn’t been on the scene for long, his first full length album Far Off Sights (released a few days ago) is sure to turn a few heads with it’s ambient, bedroom pop style and slightly odd nature. So enough with this intro, let me better acquaint you with James Deen.

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Anonymous asked:
Hey whats up ma man. Im a masters level Terran player looking for a 2v2 partner. Not only in SC, but in life as well. Thought you were prettiest boy 2012, so I thought Id ask. Want to have a SC date sometime?

You know me too well anonymous, of courseni would!

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getting into chillwave.

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torturedteen asked:
now you're getting it!

love me gypsycabs.

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Anonymous asked:
Are you okay?

yea. fuck life. grad 2012

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i don’t like anything.

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what happened to me

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Things I hate.

i hate this feeling

i hate everyone

i hate this school

I hate my life

I hate this town

I hate this house 

I hate my self. 

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